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Designing Go Libraries: The Talk: The Article 53 minutes

Introduction to generics in Go 13 minutes

Bare minimum semantic versioning 4 minutes

Go Patterns and Practices talk

Subcommands with Go’s flag package 10 minutes

Handle spaces in file names with xargs 6 minutes

Mock programs to test os/exec in Go 17 minutes


Go errors: Use %q with fmt.Errorf 1 minute

How to write flexible YAML shapes in Go 11 minutes


How to parse Newline Delimited JSON in Go 2 minutes

Go Gotcha: Struct pointers as map keys 2 minutes

Fix-up Git commits with Tig 6 minutes


Filter Go slices without allocating 7 minutes

Restack Git branches automatically 10 minutes

Go Antipatterns: Channels that fire once 3 minutes

Understanding Go’s token.Pos 7 minutes


Go Antipatterns: With* Context Managers 5 minutes